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Sound Of Origin

by 120 Minds

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Otash 02:40
Return To Mind Is this all, is this you? Lost so much to find the truth, Why not listen to those who know, They've already revealed how to glow. And again you make the same mistake, All the things you live for go away, Like a shadow they stand behind you, Scream loudly to make you fall through. Didn't he tell you how to take care, Of your loved ones and of yourself, Father always knows 'cause he himself, Was in your position, but you're still there. For God's sake, when will you wake up, And build your mind to reach a state, In which you'll never get stuck, And not be desperate for a change.
Sound Of Origin Open up your mind and find the hidden sound of origin. Where have you been, my good old friend? You're still hiding in endless steppes, Aimlessly wandering while I'm waiting for you, You are fathers dust and mother blew life into you, Mother Nature is cruel, when you're asking for it, Don't strive against me, Don't do it. don't do it! All you need was given to you, Million of years of knowledge turned into, Dead flesh, dead bones, dead mind!
The Mongolian Suit My long hair can sense it, They're the tentacles of my inner wisdom, No need to see the cold eyes, Searching for further victims. Bloodlines design your life, You're drugged and grateful that you're alive, so alive. I take my horse, Ride until i breathe my last breath, I take my horse, Catch you like my forefathers did. Fearless, knowing my roots, In my Mongolian suit, Absolutely calm and focused, I wait to hear the shoot.
Divide And Rule The agenda has been set, Now, divide and rule, Feed them poison, Hidden in tempting orange fruits, Make them feel unique, Amongst the crowd of peerless fools, Centuries have passed, And still noone cares for the truth. How could they? How be aware of something you can't change anyway? Divide and they will carry on with the infinite division, Rule with a high-precision hidden hand. Is this just a joke? Are you just joking? Did the devil speak to you?
Parasitism 08:13
Parasitism You can not steal what is mine, I keep the demons calm inside, Look me deep in the eyes, Can you read between the lines? You can't take away what is mine, I don't want to run out of patience, I keep my demons calm inside, You better stay away from here, parasite. Afraid of letting myself go, I let you fake whores know, My hands are itching so bad, They want to go for your throat. Know your place and sit still, Your last brain cells have been killed, My hands are itching so bad, They want to go for your throat. If you're too self-reflected, You let them talk so they can rule, Set boundaries to those fools, They got to be smashed with the truth.
Black Wings 06:33
Black wings The final metamorphosis comes to an end, Angels fly around me with their wings deep black, The unconscious becomes concious, And sounds a note of caution. Face the evil within, Integrate then eye. Your wings are turning black, You stop ignoring the fact, That evil and good are the two parts of the whole, The unconscious becomes concious, And sounds a note of caution. Integrate the evil to know the good, Isolate yourself, understand the ancient books. Integrate, then isolate.
Ki 01:37
God Of Destruction Never-ending spheres, I want to sleep for another thousand years, Who knows how I feel, Burdened with a million pounds on my wings. Will you comply with me? Or should i drain the seven seas? When the pain's away, I guarantee, Humans won't disagree! Flee! At times you crawl, at times you fly, You've been a giant, now you're a runt, The wicked and the divine, Sooner or later have to die! How many times I've been destroyed? Will the wise men take my point? These are not the screams of joy, I just give birth to my new voice.


'Sound Of Origin' is the debut album by '120 Minds'. It was recorded at the 'Tonstudio Bieber' in September 2019.

120 Minds
Sound Of Origin
Label: Kamran Inaiat Music

0:00 Otash
2:40 Return To Mind
7:44 Sound Of Origin
14:30 Mongolian Suit
19:37 Divide And Rule
25:14 Parasitism
33:27 Black Wings
40:02 Ki
41:40 God Of Destruction
46:22 Now Be With The Gods

Vocals/ Guitar/ Bass by Kamran Inaiat
Drums by Steven Glab
Recorded and mixed by Oliver Rüger and Tobias Wehner
Artwork by Yun Nam
Design by Arif Tuerkmen
Composition and lyrics by Kamran Inaiat



released February 15, 2020


all rights reserved



120 Minds Hanau, Germany

120 Minds are Kamran Inaiat, Daniel Schäfer and Steven Glab.

Psychedelic sounds, oriental spheres and hard riffs is the combination which makes the music unique.

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