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"Freeze" is an album by "120 Minds" which was released on May 2016.
It contains nine tracks which are influenced by various styles. Each song tells its own story. You will definitely be able to distinguish between each single track and you will surely find your favorite one.

Even though this album is seen as a demo recording, the quality is quite tolerable.

Support us, so one day we will be able to record that shit in a proper studio!

Lyrics and music written by Kamran Inaiat

Vocals and guitar by Kamran Inaiat
Bass by Ferhat Catay
Drums by Steven Glab

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released February 18, 2017

Recorded by Kamran Inaiat
Mixed and mastered by Leopold Stoffels
Album cover by Yun Nam
Album cover editing by Steffen Henschel



all rights reserved


120 minds Hanau, Germany

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Track Name: Unperceiving

You come into my house,
You destroy my home,
You're playing the little innocent but you,
Make my kids eat dirt,
You make my mom eat dirt,
You make my dad eat dirt,
Nothing counts when you lose your beloved,
Your brain is dead, your heart gets cold.

Trapped in a tunnel with no light at its end,
How did you get here, you never had blood on your hands,
Did you torture or kill or cause any harm,
You've been engulfed in misery,
They want you to keep calm.

Nothing counts when you lose your beloved,
Your brain is dead, your heart gets cold.

What's wrong with your head ?
The slayers wear royal blue,
What's wrong with yout head ?
The invisible war comes into view.
Track Name: Brown Flowers
Brown Flowers

Destraughtly I'm standing at the foot of the tower,
Slowly I remember the words of Sir Schopenhauer,
Well, I smell shit as it starts to shower,
Little brown penetrating flowers.

National pride is for the lowest mind class,
Individualism gets lost in the crowd,
You will literally feel the cold air mass,
Which those little fuckers spread from the ass.

Self-pitying pigs march in step.
Driven by racial hate and fear,
Hold lighted torches in their hands,
Save their land as volunteers.

You don't know who you are, so you try to find your own identity,
By thinking you know everything and act so adequately,
Adequate for someone who hates himself,
Compensate your low self-esteem by decreasing the importance of someone else.
Track Name: Feel It
Feel it

What a precious and lucid moment,
Life is throwing a killing glance,
At you and me, now the time has come,
This is our last and only chance.

Feel it, brother.
Feel it right now.

Let us do it now or never,
Take what's our own,
Break away from old confinements,
We're forced to act, no time to moan.

Feel it, brother.
Feel it right now.

Well, this could be an irreversible step,
And we will suffer till that certain light appears,
Run with me to the bitter end.

If you want to win, you gotta risk.
Track Name: Diarrhea

I got diarrhea !
Call the doctor !

Did you ingest some laxatives ?
No, I just had ice cream with tortillas !
Well, apples are an effecacious remedy,
They have a bulk material called pectin,
Which calms down the intestinal walls, my miiiin,
And secretes toxins,
As well you can try toast and some boiled potatoes.

Thank you doctor, what an excellent idea,
Apples, toast and some boiled potatoes,
So much healthy stuff, mama mia.
No more diarrhea !
Track Name: My Inner Child
My Inner Child

The lights of the forthcoming cars blind my eyes,
The dentist's illuminated panel blinds me from the side,
A coffee, one cigarette and another day waiting till it's night,
For playing the psychologist, man deaden your mind.

Happy jazz music comin' from the radio,
It makes you forget for a quarter hour,
The sad things, the bad scenario,
Taste the chewing gum, it's sweet and sour.

Another young wealthy tradesman with a briefcase,
He has hamster cheeks and a cute little baby face,
Are you continuously being serious,
Seriously tryin' to be imperious,
Take a seat, you gonna leave this car in disgrace.

The next call, pick up the prostitute,
She takes cocaine to escape from solitude,
Well, I got stories to hear about her sad life,
She always has a runny nose and evil angels’ eyes.

Drunk and lost he walks down the highway,
I stop and ask "where you goin' to?“,
"My brother got shot in the head!", he says,
He sits down and tells me what he plans to do.

Now my inner child screams and shouts,
Just deaden your mind.
Track Name: The Jinx
The Jinx

Listen man, you should have stayed there, where you had the ones you loved best.

A woman who gave birth to this adolescent,
Sends him away 'cause life has taught her a lesson,
Not even one day of joy her eyes have seen,
Poverty kept on chasing away her dreams,
Now what a promising picture from the other side,
People wait for you, will they dignify,
It seems like her son will never bury this jinx,
All expectations will be poured down the sink.

Some time ago noone cared about your human rights,
Now their hearts are open, what a moving sight,
They open the borders and invite the remaining ones,
Isn't it funny to give a home to the ones you've bombed,
One person still isn't worth a straw,
It's just another double standard by those hoes,
It seems like her son will never bury this jinx,
All expectations will be poured down the sink.

You've been given the idea,
To start walking till you're here,
Again you've been used for their plans,
Welcome to the loving land.
Track Name: Worship

I make you tired, don't think about the imbalance,
Warm up by the fire while I look down from my palace.


Worship my invisibility,
Pray by day, sin at night,
I'm gonna teach you hypocrisy,
I tell you, you'll be satisfied.


Worship my sacrosanct laws,
Be an obedient beggar child,
Spread my words all over the world,
I tell you, you'll be satisfied.


Even though you get into debts,
You should go on pilgrimage,
Hungry men won't understand.
Track Name: Reunion

The old stars are delirious with joy,
They finally call me to join,
I reluctantly ask them to come to see me glow,
Before i start the transition into the unknown.

All of them meet in my eyes,
Like one bright beam they converge on this point,
The universe with all its lights,
Fit in those little eye bulbs of mine.

Nothing gives and nothing takes,
The balance of the universe is retained.
Track Name: Freeze

Deliver me from thoughts,
My body is numb from the cold,
In the middle of a frozen lake,
Motionless ...


Let your unique senses regenerate,
Freeze your emotions, freeze your hate,
Keep it all inside, the eternal flame,
Recreate a subliminal state.


On the surface you might see lethargy,
But the thirst will soon be quenched,
Kindle the fire, feed the energy,
Be prepared for the outburst.

I Freeze